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How to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Online

17 Effective Ways to Get Seller Leads in Real Estate | Sierra Interactive

How to Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Online

A real estate seller lead list can help you create a thriving business. They boost companies by giving agents the listings that will naturally build connections.

Learning how to get a real estate seller lead as a new agent can be challenging. However, you can attract more sellers and build your reputation with the right strategies and tools. Here are a few tips to help you:


Leverage Online Platforms

It’s crucial to use online platforms to help you. Things like social media, lead generation software, AI and your company website are beneficial. Let’s learn more about them now.


1. Create Compelling Content

If you have a real estate website, make sure it contains compelling content. This should include the web pages, but you may also consider adding a blog.

Blogging helps you share your authority and expertise in the industry. Plus, it can improve search engine rankings if you focus on SEO.

Content comes in various forms, including blogs, landing pages, social media and more. Topics can include:

  • Organizational tips
  • Home improvement ideas
  • New listings
  • Tips for selling/buying a house


2. Use Artificial Intelligence

Most agents feel they don’t have the skills to use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate real estate seller leads online. However, you don’t have to be computer-savvy to enjoy the benefits.

There are various predictive analytics tools available to help you. You’ll be able to gain insights with algorithms, find information from credible sources and accurately predict market trends.


3. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Most homeowners start the selling process with an online search. Therefore, your web presence is essential. By sharing local market analyses and relevant content, you’ll show that you’re knowledgeable.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial, and you need a strategy to increase visibility for those homeowners who want to sell. This will help with real estate seller lead generation.

Your website should be easy to navigate, optimized for search engines and updated regularly.


4. Create a Real Estate Website

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) indicates that about 80 percent of sellers contact a single real estate agent to help with the selling process. An online presence is crucial if you want to be the one chosen.

Build Trust and Authority

Having a professional and visually appealing website is essential because it helps build trust with your new leads. It should show that you’re an expert who offers value to sellers.

You can build authority and trust by including:

  • Past homes you’ve sold
  • Testimonials from recent clients
  • Examples of reports you’ve produced
  • Blog posts with tips and market trend information


5. Use Highly Targeted Landing Pages

Landing pages are an effective way to attract seller leads because they’re highly targeted. They’re designed specifically for those who are selling properties, which can help boost conversion rates and generate quality leads online.

For example, a home valuation landing page lets visitors input an address to see how much it’s valued in the market. This is appealing for many homeowners because they need to know how much to sell it for.


6. Utilize Social Media Marketing

Social media is an entirely different ballgame when it comes to real estate seller lead generation. Agents often find it challenging, but it’s a powerful tool and worth mastering.

You’ll need the right social media strategy. It should showcase your ability to sell homes fast and for the best value possible. For example, you might share these things:

  • Home-selling tips
  • Successful listing stories
  • Property walk-through videos
  • Photos

Top Social Media Networks for Real Estate

Facebook seems to be the most popular social media network, though you can repurpose your content and share it on various platforms to expand your reach naturally.

Here are the top social media platforms for real estate seller lead generation:

  • Facebook – Facebook is the most-used platform for real estate agents. Create posts that target seller leads, such as staging ideas and client success stories.
  • LinkedIn – This is a professional network, so it should include content for professionals serving homeowners, such as mortgage brokers and contractors.
  • Instagram – Instagram is less competitive than Facebook but can still build a targeted audience.
  • YouTube – Video real estate listings will likely see more inquiries, so it’s wise to use YouTube to help generate leads.
  • TikTok – TikTok seems like a foreign platform to most people, but it can work to generate leads quickly and efficiently.


7. Implement Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the best way to convert visitors into sellers. Automating the process makes creating campaigns easy, and many online tools are available to help.


8. Use Lead Generation Software

You should focus on generating real estate leads organically by using your website, social media and referrals. However, lead generation software helps you organize, nurture and generate seller leads effectively and quickly.

Lead generation software is an investment. The money you spend now will come back to you by growing your business and producing high-quality seller leads.

If you’re looking for lead generation software, Sierra Interactive is an excellent choice. Schedule a demo today to learn more about it.


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