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The Complete Real Estate SEO Playbook

Metadata, anchor text, sitemaps, keyword research…. SEO can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our Complete Real Estate SEO Playbook breaks it down into straightforward strategies that are easy to understand and even easier to implement and track.

The result? When done effectively, SEO can increase your organic traffic, build brand awareness and establish you as your local market expert.



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The Complete Real Estate SEO PlaybookIntroduction 

Today, tens of thousands of homebuyers will go to Google and type “homes for sale in [LOCATION]” or “[LOCATION] real estate agent.”  

Just as many will ask Google things like, “is [LOCATION] a good place to retire” and “pros and cons of living in [LOCATION].” Some will be deciding between two cities, so they might type “cost of living [LOCATION] vs. [LOCATION].”

Likewise, home sellers all over the country will search “what’s my home worth,” “how to sell my home fast,” or “do I need a real estate agent to sell my home.” 

And it’s not just buyers and sellers doing this. Real estate agents all over the country will go to Google and type “best REALTOR® in [LOCATION]” because they have a seller who’s relocating and need a buyer’s agent to help them in their new city.

Google sees billions (yes, with a B) of searches per day. In fact, some sources say up to 8.5 billion per day, so it’s probably more than tens of thousands of home buyers and sellers (and agents) searching the above terms.

Is your website ready to capture traffic from those searches? 

If it’s not, you’re missing out on a significant source of leads and, ultimately, transactions. When buyers and sellers go to Google to ask a real estate-related question, or when an agent searches for a great referral agent across the country, they’re doing so with high intent: They need to buy, sell and/or find an agent. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is how you earn traffic and leads from those searches (and all the other searches that buyers and sellers do every day). When it’s done right, SEO will help you rank higher for important keywords – i.e., search terms – that will bring high-intent buyers and sellers to your website. 



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