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Capture Every Lead

Whether it’s leads from your website, ads, lead providers or lists—it doesn’t matter— they’re all in the CRM.

Automate Lead Follow-Up

Let the CRM handle the daily grind of lead management while you focus on what you do best—closing deals.

Understand Your ROI

Track where every lead comes from and how much they bring to your business so you can maximize your investment.

Efficient Lead Management: Welcome to Leads Central

  • Central Hub

    Organic and PPC leads flow in from your site. Plus, automatically create leads from dozens of sources like Zillow and

  • Lead Routing

    Distribute new leads to your team based on price, location, property type, day of the week, round-robin and more. Route each lead to the best-fit person for prompt, effective follow-up.

  • Reporting

    Track ROI from your lead sources and monitor agent activity and effectiveness using out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Smart Lead Follow-Up & Nurturing

  • Go beyond calling and texting – create a complete lead follow-up system that can move leads through your pipeline without you lifting a finger.

  • Drop your leads into automated action plans with text, email and voicemail drops, and let the system do the work for you.

  • Use drip campaigns to celebrate home anniversaries or birthdays to stay top of mind within your sphere of influence.

  • Take it to the next level with automated workflows that take action on leads based on data or behavioral triggers. It’s like having another agent on your team.

Learn More About Automations

A Real Estate CRM That Goes Where You Go

  • Achieve Inbox Zero. Knock out your to-do list and manage your leads from anywhere.

  • Get instant notifications based on criteria you choose.

  • Save time with bulk actions like mass texts, emails, and action plan assignments.

  • The mobile app has many of the same tools available like lead details, search, smart filters and more.

  • Available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Partners & Integrations

Everything You Need Under One Roof.

Sierra Partners

Real estate marketing tools for effortless lead follow-up

Lead Routing

Get new leads assigned to the right agent and lender with the right follow-up plans.

Action Plans

Put leads into automated sequences of emails, texts and/or ringless voicemails. Pause plans if a lead responds. Include phone call tasks in traditional plans, too.

Fully Integrated Dialer

Call any lead from the dashboard, build call lists to power through your touchpoints, leave ringless voicemail drops, route calls or use instant calls to cut time to first contact. When available, each call is recorded to the lead record for activity tracking.

SMS & MMS Texting

Increase your response rates with integrated texting to individuals or groups. Need GIFs and emojis? We can handle that, too. Each text is captured in the lead record so you never lose track of the conversation.

Activity Tracking

Track conversion and engagement activity in a clearcut dashboard.


Use tags in unlimited ways to slice and dice your leads, trigger follow-ups, build filters and organize your database.

Smart Filters

Build and save custom filters from an extensive list of search criteria to view a specific group of leads at a glance.

Search Activity

See what your leads are searching for on your website, including every property viewed, saved and shared.

E-Alerts & Market Updates

Create custom listing alerts that are automatically delivered to buyer leads via email when new properties match their criteria. Send custom market reports to seller leads for an easy way to demonstrate value.


From Agent Accountability and Dialer Dashboards to lead source reporting, we bring your information together so you can better manage your business.

Tracking Links

Create custom links for campaigns and leverage squeeze pages to generate leads.

Lead Ponds

Move unresponsive leads to ponds and let your agents work or nurture leads before they’re claimed.

None of the limits. All of the proof.


See what our customers have to say.

Don Payne, Sr.

The CRM Helps Identify Hand-Raisers

Last year, we had 156 transactions, $35.7 million in sales and a little over $1 million in GCI. I would attribute [that success] to the Sierra system and us using the system. It has helped us close transactions and make connections. I’m extremely pleased [with Sierra], especially some of the nudges that the system automatically does in order to make buyers and sellers raise their hand and indicate they are ready.