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Google Ads

You Set Your Budget. We’ll Handle the Rest.

Sierra Interactive offers a proven, transparent Google Ad management service that requires $500/mo minimum spend with a 10% management fee, while other providers charge a 20% service fee.

Sierra Interactive Google Ads Report

  • Get a Head Start

    Our proven advertising framework focuses on generating more transaction-ready leads.

  • We Create Your Campaigns

    From keyword phrases to monitoring performance, we build your campaigns to deliver results.

  • Lead Generation Options

    Control whether site visitors from PPC sources are required to register.

  • View Your Performance Report

    Receive a live link to this 4-6 weeks after campaigns launch. Updated daily, you’ll know exactly how your ads are performing.

See Real ROI

30% of ad customers surveyed report ROI of 4 to 6 times their PPC investment. 46% report up to 3 times ROI.

Proven Results

85% of ad customers surveyed report at least one close from leads generated by Sierra-managed PPC ads.

Close PPC Leads

82% of ad customers surveyed report converting a PPC lead to a sale within 12 months.

Facebook Ads

Dynamic Campaigns to Stay Top-of-Mind

Remarketing and retargeting is an important part of your paid advertising strategy to re-engage leads you’ve already generated.

  • Use What Makes Sense for Your Business

    Some campaign types include dynamic retargeting, sphere remarketing and direct lead generation.

  • Avoid Ad Fatigue & Stay Relevant

    Truly dynamic ads based on a listing catalog are updated directly from the MLS. Your ads are always fresh and engaging, and listings stay up-to-date.

  • Ad Management with Affordable Pricing

    We offer flexible paid plans to meet your needs.

Don’t Pay More for Lackluster Results

Our digital marketing team has more than 20 years combined experience. Their expertise, paired with transparent reporting, means you know with certainty where your ad budget is focused on what’s working.

Our Google and Facebook campaigns work together to optimize your ROI.

Google Search Ads

Strike a powerful balance between lead cost and quality. Sierra’s all-time conversion rate is around 11-12%, meaning of 100 clicks on your ad, about 12 become leads.

Google Seller Campaigns

You’ll need a seller site running on its own domain (and we can help with this!). We recommend running these ads at the county level to ensure you’re geo-targeting a large enough area.

Facebook Direct Lead Generation

Great for most Realtors, particularly those specializing in residential areas where buyers are mostly locals, you can target the demographics that are likely considering a new home, but have not visited your site before.

Facebook Dynamic Retargeting

Target users who viewed properties on your site, but didn’t register. Ads use a carousel that feeds off your property catalog, so the properties shown are up-to-date and based on what the user searched for on your site. Sites need at least 150 unique visits a day.

Facebook Sphere Remarketing

A good option for sites with a large user base, this is a nurturing process to keep your existing leads engaged with your brand and informed about listings they might be interested in.

Facebook Market Your Own Listings

Drive a brand awareness campaign that’s an automated carousel ad with your own active listings, updated in real-time. Advertise all your listings without lifting a finger.

Really quickly, we saw our transactional volume skyrocket. We were generating much more than five times return on spend. Our commissionable income was growing by tens of thousands. And, our PPC ad campaign spend is much less than that, so our ROI is high.

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