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Our History

Once Upon a Time in the Mountains

Founder Ben Peskoe started the company in Mammoth Lakes, a small ski town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California (hence the company name). The story goes something like this: In the early 2000s, a Realtor in Mammoth Lakes noticed a successful agent in Vail, Colorado, had a real estate website that included all the listings for that area, updated every day. (At that time, this was a new and exciting thing.) She asked if that was something Ben could do, and without really knowing how to accomplish it, he said, “Yes, absolutely.”

That was 2003. In 2022, we reached another huge milestone through Sierra’s partnership with Alpine Software Group (ASG).

And so begins the next chapter in our history.

Key Company Milestones

2007: Sierra Interactive is born. Google maps API integration is released

2013: First full-time employee hired

2017: Move to SaaS model with backend CRM launch; templated Pro website release for scalability

2020: 35 employees; 350 North American markets

2022: 60 employees; partnership with ASG and new CEO Peter Maglathlin