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Sierra Interactive Real Estate Dialer

Lead Management from Start to Finish with Our Integrated Dialer and CRM

Get everything you need to nurture, convert and build better relationships, all in one place.

  • Leverage user data by calling any lead with one-click dialing from the dashboard
  • Cut time to first contact with instant outbound calls to new leads
  • Quickly identify leads and build custom call lists by searching and filtering phone numbers in your database

Save Time with Bulk and Automated Ringless Voicemail Drops

Stay top of mind with minimum effort, whether reaching out to one prospect or hundreds.

  • Use pre-recorded messages to promote open houses, conduct community outreach, and maintain warm touches even while on the go
  • Increase efficiency and improve lead generation by sending out voicemail drops in bulk
  • Integrate ringless voicemails with your fully automated action plans

Reach Leads More Efficiently with Our Single Line Auto Dialer

Make the most of your time by powering through your client lists and reaching more prospects faster.

  • Call quality leads in quick succession, one after the other
  • Stay focused by using your CRM data to build custom call lists in less time
  • Stay productive even when you’re on the road by auto-dialing from our user-friendly mobile app

Customize Outreach with Our Lead Importing System

Level up your cold-calling strategy by importing any real estate leads into Sierra, then start burning through your list.


Use tags to organize your leads for better custom outreach.

Smart Filters

Create custom call lists with smart filters.


Assign each lead its own status to better sort through and nurture existing leads.

Enhance Your Power Dialer Performance

Increase answer rates and your chance of conversions with caller ID so that prospects know exactly who is reaching out. And, it’s included at no cost for all new customers.