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Go Beyond the Basics

More Capabilities. More Freedom.

Top agents and teams perform better with Sierra’s flexible solutions.

Get Your Time Back

  • If you’re on a team of under 20 members with a few agents, admin staff, ISAs and transaction coordinators, use Sierra’s platform as your operations hub to scale and accelerate growth.
  • Growing teams reap the most rewards from having targeted Sierra’s messaging systems using automations based on lead stage or activity. Move leads through the funnel and stay top of mind until they’re ready to buy or sell. Set it, and don’t forget it.
  • Free up time for your agents by setting up trigger-based workflows to update records, start communication sequences, create tasks and more.

Make Your Lead Investment Count

  • Make sure your team of agents is on task and productive with an accountability dashboard for at-a-glance insight on speed-to-lead, outreach activity and more.
  • Identify your top performers and coaching opportunities to help others improve.
  • Guarantee the leads you’ve invested in are being worked effectively, so no lead goes untouched.

Aggressive Growth Goals? Perfect

Sierra has the tools growing teams need to capture leads and stay organized. With a high-performing website, centralized hub and marketing options to help you grow and scale quickly, we are the top solution for teams that want to grow—and grow fast.

Keep All Your Plates Spinning

Sierra helps top-performing agents and growing teams stay in sync with their leads, customers and tasks. Work the way you want with industry-leading integrations, add-on tools and services, and the flexibility to pivot when market conditions – or your team needs – change. Our system works for you, so nothing gets missed – and you have one less thing to worry about.

Resources for Driven Realtors

Access helpful materials for real estate professionals.

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