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Get More Done

A CRM and Marketing Automation System

Improve lead generation and conversion, surface new opportunities, and never forget a task again. Automations are designed to help you make the most of your CRM software. Here’s how it works:

Choose which type of triggers you want

For example, a lead saves a property or their status is updated.

Add any optional criteria to these triggers

For example, only leads in the pond or those from a specific source.

Assign the action and let Automations do the work

For example, change a lead’s status or apply an Action Plan.

Advanced Alerts with Automated Triggers

Opportunities with automations are endless, even when you need something more complex. It’s like having an extra agent working for you. Possibilities include:

  • Always remember an important date

    Keep up with all your leads’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other notable dates – no matter how big your database gets. Automations will make sure of that.

  • Switch up an Action Plan

    The moment you update a lead’s status from New to Active, you can automatically have their assigned Action Plan update with them.

  • Make your listing alerts work harder

    Whenever a new lead clicks on a certain number of consecutive alerts, you can use automations to create a note on the lead’s detail page informing you of the opportunity.

  • Be the first to know when a lead returns

    Anytime a lead or past client returns to your landing page after a specified number of days away, automatically assign a task or notification so you can leverage this opportunity.

Streamline Your Workflow with Automations

Simple controls give you complete control. Automations use “if-then” logic, which allows you to say “if this happens, then do this action.” Want to build a basic automation that creates a new task? No problem. 

But you can also get much more granular. Go ahead and limit automations to only leads from a specific source who are interested in an open house. Make them also come from a specific ZIP code. Drill down to get exactly what you want so your real estate business can get more done.

Go from

Automation to Action

Simplify lead follow-up and lead management by incorporating Action Plans into your automations. Set triggers to send out SMS or email marketing. Target your messages according to specific behaviors or actions taken by leads. 

Maximize the effectiveness of each Action Plan by automatically assigning them to the right lead at the right time.