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Video: Mastering a Team Leader Mindset

Watch a 60-minute mastermind focused on mastering a real estate team leader mindset and how to cultivate team culture. Sierra’s Product Manager, Robert Sagers, co-host Buddy Blake (Coldwell Banker), and guest Patrick Keller (CrestPoint Real Estate) covered the following;

:heavy_check_mark: Recruiting and retaining top talent
:heavy_check_mark: How to move from a limiting mindset to a growth mindset
:heavy_check_mark: The concepts of proximity and teaching from the middle
:heavy_check_mark: The differences between company vs. culture

Recorded on April 13, 2023.

In case you missed it, Patrick Keller shared how implementing Sierra as his real estate lead generation and management software helped his team exceed industry standard benchmarks while also helping with recruitment efforts. “Sierra’s lead management tools have almost turned into a recruitment tool for the agency,” Keller mentioned. “It reduces the amount of manual work required by agents to close deals by such a high amount, new agents view it as a big benefit — an appreciated step away from clunky spreadsheets or labor-heavy CRMs — when joining our team.”

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