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Leveling Up Your Real Estate CRM with Integrations

Two powerful Google integrations to capture leads

By Adela Dover, Director of Marketing, Real Synch

As a real estate professional, your CRM database is one of the most important assets in your business, and having the right mix of technology can be a huge difference-maker if you’re looking to create efficiency and ensure no lead is missed. You not only need technology for the core of your business – the CRM, or lead database – but you also need a CRM that integrates with other best-in-class tools – like those from Google –  to round out your business processes. Integrating your CRM database with these other popular tools can be a critical way to capture every lead, automate processes and ensure seamless communication with your prospective clients.

We’ll explore two powerful real estate CRM integrations with Google tools that Realtors can use to get more business from their database. 

Google Contacts Bi-Directional Integration

Google Contacts is a key tool that many real estate agents use to store their contacts. With this type of integration, you can sync your Google Contacts on your phone with your CRM database in real-time.

For example, you meet a new lead at an open house and add their information to your phone. The Google Contacts integration will automatically sync the contact to your CRM, saving you the time and effort of manually entering the information. Plus, the lead can be put on a nurture campaign immediately from there – talk about speed to lead!

As another use case for team leaders, if you have new agents joining your team, with this integration, you can get their contact record into your CRM easily without fussing with a CSV file or manual data entry.

CBX Gmail Extension Integration

Where do agents spend a lot of their time? Their email inbox, specifically, Gmail. CBX is a Gmail extension that allows you to manage your pipeline and add new leads to your CRM right from your inbox. You can also schedule follow-up calls, add tasks, record notes, update lead stages, assign tags to contacts, and sync it all to your CRM without having to log in. Changes in the CBX Gmail Extension interface are immediately reflected in your CRM. This way you can ensure you capture every lead you’re having a conversation with and eliminate duplicate or manual data entry.

In conclusion, integrating your database with other tools you use every day will help you simplify how you work, save time and make sure every lead is in your CRM, no matter where you capture it. 


Adela Dover is responsible for driving Real Synch’s growth across all digital channels, building relationships with key industry influencers, and increasing brand awareness, lead generation and revenue. Dover has extensive experience in the real estate industry and the digital marketing space.

Real Synch is a Sierra Interactive integration partner offering integrations between Sierra CRM and other technology tools, specifically for real estate teams. Real Synch automatically performs thousands of data tasks between systems, helping busy residential real estate teams streamline their workflow. 


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