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Success Story

How Zach Sikes Turned His Real Estate Database into a Money Machine

Success Spotlight

  • 55 full-time agents
  • $90MM in volume for 2023
  • On pace to do $100MM in 2024


“It’s a cool product that can work for as small a team as you have, and it can scale a lot better than what people are giving it credit for. I think it’s a great product and does as delivered. The longer you’re on it the better you can be.”


Homestead & Co., led by Broker Owner Zach Sikes, stands out as a beacon of innovation and growth in the dynamic world of real estate, where every lead counts and every opportunity must be seized. They achieved success with a team of 55 full-time agents, 10 referral agents and support staff by strategically evolving, empowering agents and forming a transformative partnership with Sierra Interactive.

With an almost 37% decrease in cost per conversion and a 50% increase in connection rate within the first 90 days of the platform change, Zach Sikes and his team are on the fast track for growth and success. Learn how Homestead & Co. is on pace to increase its sales volume YoY by almost 11% with a projected sales volume of $100MM and 460 transactions in 2024 after switching to Sierra Interactive’s industry-leading IDX website and purpose-built CRM.

Evolution of Homestead & Co.

Homestead & Co. began as a ”teamerage”, a model that combines the structure of a brokerage with the support and compensation framework of a team. Over time, as the team expanded and evolved, they recognized the need to adapt their model to accommodate agents at different stages of their careers. This led to the developing of a multi-phase approach to agent compensation, ensuring that agents could maximize their earnings while receiving the support they needed to thrive.

Empowering Agents

At Homestead & Co., the mantra is simple: agents’ success equals the company’s success. Zach prioritizes training and support, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual growth. They have created a supportive environment for agents to succeed by setting clear goals and providing support. This environment is beneficial for agents at all experience levels in the industry.

The Decision to Switch to Sierra Interactive

In 2023, Homestead & Co. made a strategic decision to switch to Sierra Interactive, a move that would prove instrumental in achieving their growth objectives. Sierra’s unrivaled capabilities in SEO, automations and lead ponds drove the decision to switch.


Zach Sikes of Homestead & Co. switched to Sierra Interactive for their SEO, automations and lead ponds.


Leveraging SEO for Success

Sierra’s SEO tools empowered Homestead & Co. to boost their online visibility and drive more organic traffic to their website. With a focus on increasing organic traffic and improving search engine visibility, Homestead & Co. saw a significant uptick in website performance. By leveraging Sierra’s robust SEO tools, they were able to build out site pages, increase indexed pages and tap into new markets with ease.  The result? A surge in website traffic and a higher quality of leads, setting the stage for accelerated growth.


“We built out a bunch of site pages, and now we have more indexed pages than unindexed. That’s huge for us…We built out our next market when we did the site indexing. So we can go ahead and start building a pipeline and start planting some seeds in the next market. We’re going to get a lot of traffic from the additional market with SEO.”


Real estate SEO success with Sierra Interactive.


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Streamlining Operations with Automations

But it wasn’t just SEO that caught Zach Sikes’ attention. Sierra’s automations proved to be a game-changer for Homestead & Co. By streamlining processes and reducing manual effort, Sierra enabled Homestead & Co. to focus more time and resources on revenue-generating activities. From idle lead reassignment to call routing, Sierra’s automations allowed Homestead & Co. to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This increased efficiency has translated into higher productivity and ultimately, higher sales.


“It took so much less effort now for us to do our [agent] accountability. We implemented it on day zero with idle lead reassignment for the leads not being called. It gets thrown into the pond.”


Harnessing the Power of Lead Ponds

One of the most impactful features of Sierra Interactive for Homestead & Co. has been its lead ponds. With Sierra’s lead ponds, Homestead & Co. unlocked a treasure trove of opportunity hidden within their real estate database.


“We have 30,000 leads in a pond right now. Those were all stuck inside of other agents’ pipelines. We have so much opportunity in here.”


The introduction of lead ponds gave Zach and his team access to low-hanging fruit with visibility to actions leads make on the Homestead & Co. website. His previous platform did not offer this feature where those leads were just sitting in his agents’ pipelines. Without lead ponds, these active leads on their website would be completely missed. By comparison, agents now can set filters in the lead pond, such as last lead activity date, to capitalize on leads already in the team real estate database. Agents can then “fish” from the pond and assign the leads to themselves so that the pond functions as a lead source for them.

These ponds act as a centralized repository for leads, allowing agents to access and nurture leads more effectively. By consolidating leads and providing agents with a centralized platform, Homestead & Co. has significantly decreased their cost per lead while maximizing the potential of their existing real estate database.


“If you look at the organic [lead volume] versus the PPC [lead volume], there’s the ability to have a lower amount of lead flow with the same effectiveness levels so we could spend less, because of the ponds. The ponds balance out however many leads an agent needs while running on a lower amount of spend.”


Pioneering the Future of Real Estate

Zach Sikes reflects on the decision to switch to Sierra Interactive. With a higher lead connection rate of over 50% within the first 90 days, lower hard costs and increased sales, Sierra Interactive has proven to be a catalyst for growth and success.


“When we left our last platform provider, [cost per conversion] was $20-$21. Right now, March ran us at $14.46. We saw a higher connection rate. The quality of lead registrations to connecting on the phone is much higher. We have not changed anything internally since that happened. That was strictly platform change. Right now we’re running about two-thirds the [paid ads] budget we were running our previous platform provider.”


Moreover, Sierra’s scalability means that Homestead & Co. can continue to grow and expand without limitations, confident in their ability to adapt and thrive in any market conditions.

Looking ahead, Homestead & Co. has ambitious goals for 2024, with a focus on increasing pace at $100M and 460 transactions. The team is well-positioned to achieve these goals and surpass expectations with Sierra Interactive by their side. As Zach Sikes succinctly puts it, “Out of all the products out there, I think this is your best bang for your buck. They’re the jack of all trades.”


Homestead & Co. real estate team


In conclusion, Homestead & Co.’s partnership with Sierra Interactive is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration and strategic foresight. By embracing technology and leveraging Sierra’s advanced capabilities, they have unlocked new levels of growth and efficiency, setting a new standard for excellence in the real estate industry. With Sierra Interactive as their trusted partner, the sky is truly the limit for Homestead & Co.

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