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Video: Approaching NAR Changes with Confidence

Navigating the current real estate environment is complex, to say the least, and it’s more important than ever to feel confident in your approach. Join us as we proudly present Kristi Jencks, co-founder of the Big Helper Group brokered by eXp Realty, Tom Ferry International Coach and Sierra power user, who will share her insights and tips on how to succeed in helping your buyers. You’ll learn the best strategies surrounding buyer agency today, how to handle concerns and objections, how to discuss compensation and a process for closing more buyer deals faster.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to carefully navigate the NAR rule changes with first time appointments and online leads
  • Strategies to solve buyer issues like low to no inventory, competitive multi-offer markets and affordability
  • Develop a consultation process that showcases your value, engages your prospects and results in more signed Buyer Broker Agreements
  • What to do if you don’t have a Buyer Broker Agreement and your lead would like to see a home
  • Sharpen your conversion skills to discuss complex topics (like commission and agency) with clarity and confidence
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Kristi Jencks is a name synonymous with genuine enthusiasm and practical wisdom in the world of real estate coaching. With a decade-long tenure as a top real estate team leader in Phoenix, Kristi combines her professional expertise with a relatable, down-to-earth approach. Her speaking engagements, notably at the Tom Ferry Success Summit, are not just informative but also infused with her natural humor and energy.

Her qualifications, including specialized speaker training, and certifications in AI mastery and Tom Ferry and Phil Jones’s “Exactly What to Say”, equip her with a diverse toolkit to guide business and team leaders. Kristi’s methods are practical, focused, and tailored to the real-world challenges of the real estate industry.

Beyond her professional life, Kristi’s role as a mother to eight fostered and adopted children adds a layer of depth to her understanding of commitment and resilience. These personal experiences enrich her coaching, providing a unique perspective on balancing life’s various demands.

Kristi lives by a simple yet powerful philosophy: “Be Disciplined. Stay Accountable. Always Hustle.” These principles are at the heart of her coaching style, encouraging a balanced approach to ambition and personal growth.

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